Whether your business or profession generates revenue in the hundreds, thousands or millions, you want to focus on your customers, products, services, and marketing. 

You don't want or need to be bogged down in accounting and bookkeeping, but you do need to:

  • Know your revenue, 
  • Manage your expenses,
  • Deal with taxes, and, most importantly,
  • See and understand the results.

Rely on us. See what we can do for you! 

Tax Preparation


Business and Personal Tax Preparation

As a Licensed Public Accounting firm, we prepare and file both Business and Personal tax returns. Our years of experience and attention to detail provide the right results for you.

We don't just take your documents and prepare a quick tax return. We ask appropriate questions to get a full picture of your tax situation. We'll help you find deductions and tax credits to minimize your taxes.

We understand the ever more complex tax rules and regulations through continuous education and research. 

Tax Planning and Audits


We're dedicated to you, our client. We want to understand your specific circumstances. Planning is essential, especially for business and high income or high net worth individuals. 

We will develop strategies to help you minimize your tax burden whether you are a business or an individual. And we work hard and long hours when you need us — long after tax season.  Let us help you ensure that next year will better.

And our CPA has represented individual and business clients in audits with the IRS and states, with excellent results. We stay current on tax law so we’re ready for the tough situations.