Tax Service - Preparation and Planning

Individuals - Personal Tax Preparation

If you find filing your taxes to be a burden, we can help. We don't just take your documents and prepare a quick tax return. We ask appropriate questions to get a full picture of your tax situation. And, you'll be surprised to find that filing your tax returns doesn't need to  be expensive.

 If you're paid as a contractor, own a small business that is included on your personal tax return, or have investments, and/or retirement income, we'll help you. We understand your plight.  You need to  make sure to find all the deductions and tax credits to minimize your taxes - and that's our expertise.

Need to file a state tax return? Our CPA has filed taxes in as many as 17 states for a single individual. 

Tax Planning: From projections and estimated taxes to planning your revenue/income and expenses, tax planning can save you money. Will I be in a different tax bracket next year? How much will I owe next year? Should I have more withheld from my wages? Do I need to pay estimated tax? Should I sell that investment this year or next? Should I pay that expense this year or next? What do tax law changes mean to me? We can help with those answers.


The most important part of filing a business tax return is your accounting. Whether you are paid as a contractor or have a few employees or numerous employees or multiple locations, you know good accounting is the key to a properly filed tax return. 

We'll look at your records and accounting to help with clearly defining appropriate business income and expenses. 

Not sure the records are accurate? We'll help you find the answers and solve the problems.

Whether you file Schedule C, an S Corp, or a Partnership, we have the experience and expertise to prepare your taxes. 

Other Business Taxes: We'll also help you understand and file sales and payroll taxes.

Tax Planning: Planning your revenue and expenses can save you money. How much will my business owe next year? Should I buy that equipment this year or next? Will it generate a credit? How much can I deduct? What is the depreciation? Should I pay that expense this year or next? What do tax law changes mean to me? We can help with those answers.